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4-year-old Who Shot at Police at McDonald’s Bodycam Footage Released

MIDVALE, Utah (KTVX) – Utah police release body cam footage from an incident at a Utah McDonald’s where a 4-year-old shot at officers.

The 12-minute video shows the moments leading up to the arrest of Sadaat Johnson as well as what took place after one of his children shot at police at the drive-thru.

Johnson, 27, became upset with McDonald’s workers who prepared his "surf and turf" burger order, according to a police report.

The father, who was later convicted of child abuse and aggravated assault, admitted this was not the first time the kid got ahold of his weapon.

The officer swiped the gun to the side as it was fired and realized the person who fired the gun was a child.

Witnesses at the scene say they overheard the father tell the child to shoot.

The bullet shot through the banner of the McDonald’s and the officer suffered minor injuries.

Watch: Follow this link if you have trouble viewing the video.

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