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Archbishop says Nancy Pelosi Will Be Denied Communion Over Abortion Rights

The San Francisco archbishop issued a notice tweeting it on Twitter Friday afternoon that he would no longer allow House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to receive Communion over abortion rights.

“I am hereby notifying you that you are not to present yourself for Holy Communion and, should you do so, you are not to be admitted to Holy Communion, until such time as you publicly repudiate your advocacy for the legitimacy of abortion and confess and receive absolution of this grave sin in the sacrament of penance,” Cordileone stated in a May 19 letter addressed to Pelosi.

“Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi’s position on abortion has become only more extreme over the years, especially in the last few months,” Archbishop Cordileone said in a statement May 20. “Just earlier this month she once again, as she has many times before, explicity raised her Catholic faith while justifying abortion as a ‘choice,’ this time explicitly setting herself in opposition to Pope Francis.”

In order to once again receive Communion, Ms. Pelosi must “publicly repudiate her support for abortion ‘rights’ and confess and receive absolution,” the statement said. He added that he took no pleasure in issuing the statement and that “Speaker Pelosi remains our sister in Christ.”

The notice comes as the United States Supreme Court is expected to overturn Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion nationwide in 1973.

Cordileone stated in the letter that while the two of them have spoken in the past on the issue, he gave her an ultimatum April 7 that she should “publicly repudiate” her “advocacy for abortion ‘rights'” or she’d be barred from receiving the sacrament. Legislation to codify Roe v. Wade in federal law passed the House of Representatives last year under Pelosi’s leadership.

Cordileone made headlines last year for being at odds with Washington, DC Archbishop Wilton Gregory as to whether President Joe Biden also a lifelong Roman Catholic who supports legal abortion should be admitted to communion.

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