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Jennifer Lopez Announces New Alcohol Beverage Faces Backlash From Fans 'She doesn't even drink'

Jennifer Lopez, 53, announced that she's dropping a new line of alcohol beverages 'Delola', she posted the news to her Instagram.

The caption read, “The secret is out!!! I’m proud to share with you @DELOLA … my new collection of unique, mixology-level ready to enjoy spritzes. More is #OnTheJLo. Let’s live the #DelolaLife together.”

Delola cocktails are gluten-free and available in three flavors: Bella Berry Spritz, Paloma Rosa Spritz, and L'orange Spritz. The Bella Berry has a vodka base, the Paloma Rosa uses tequila, and the L'orange features amaro.

JLo told People that the name Delola was inspired by her nickname, Lola. The 53-year-old entertainer revealed that "the way we came up with the name for Delola was really about being the carefree, fun side of who I am."

The product line has been in the works for two years. And when it came time to launch, Lopez made sure not to skimp on personalization and flavor.

"I'm a Leo. On the actual bottle, I put two lions—Ben and I are both Leos—like a male and a female lion," Lopez said while speaking with People. "It's very personalized, really authentic to me and what I love."

JLo shared the clip with her 240 million followers, disappointed fans rushed to the comments

“Oh wow. This is disappointing,” wrote one person. “Why not create a NA brand considering you’ve been outspoken about the negative affects of alcohol and that you yourself don’t drink? This feels so off-brand for you, genuinely curious why you’re selling alcohol.”

Another chimed in, “Jlo you don’t drink. This is like something that is known and has been pointed out on numerous occasions. I mean….I get it- a coin is a coin- but mama you don’t drink alcohol.”

“She doesn’t even drink but get that bag girl,” another wrote, before another fan added, “But you literally don’t drink? This is such a money grab ugh.”

A follower also chimed in, stating that they were curious as to why Lopez opted to launch an alcohol brand considering her husband Ben Affleck’s past issues with alcohol that landed him in rehab more than one time.

Maybe it does seem as though it's just a pure money grab. Not sure, but it's just another endeavor under the 'Shotgun wedding' star's belt.

Credit: People, Page Six, Delish


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