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Trevor Summers Acts as Own Attorney Cross Examines the Victim His 'Ex-wife' is Found GUILTY

Trevor Summers Acts as Own Attorney Cross Examines the Victim His 'Ex-wife' is Found GUILTY

Trevor Summers, 45, was accused of breaking into the home of his then-estranged spouse, Alisa Mathewson, in March 2017 to murder her and then kill himself.

Summers kidnapped and raped his ex-wife while holding her hostage for two days. He then smothered his ex-wife with a pillow until she was unconscious and attempted to strangle her with a rope.

Summers fired his attorney and questioned the victim, his x-wife, himself at court in Hillsborough County, Florida.

Daily Mail:

"Did I threaten you to have sex?" Summers asked his ex-wife, who looked uncomfortable, in the Hillsborough County courtroom in Tampa.

"You broke into my home in the middle of the night when I was sleeping, attacked me and tied me up. Yes, I take that as you threatened me to have sex with you. You forced me to have sex with you,"she said, growing visibly angry. "You raped me!"

In a soft voice, Summers pressed, "So you're calling it rape?"

"That is the definition of rape!" Mathewson shot back. Summers allegedly crawled into the house through an unlocked window and had his eldest daughter drive her siblings to his home, according to prosecutors.

Their eldest daughter, who was 14, testified how her father tricked her into leaving a window open through which Summers was able to get inside the house.

Holding back her emotions, the ex-wife added: 'Prior to having sex, you did push me, you did hold me down, you did tie me up, you did attack me, and you did break into my home when I was sleeping! You raped me!'

At one point, she says she attempted to escape while he stopped at a Walgreens parking lot, but he forced her back into the vehicle and sliced one of her wrists as punishment.

A Walgreens employee witnessed the ordeal and called 911 at the time.

After an argument inside the car, Summer then started 'strangling his ex-wife with a rope,' but Mathewson was able to get him off, despite having her hands tied.

According to the prosecutor, it was at this moment that the kidnapped ex-wife spotted a cop car.

When he saw the unmarked police car, Summers took the same razor blade he used to slice her wrist and started slitting his own throat, saying: 'This is what love is. I'm laying my life down for you. You don't deserve this.'

Mathewson recalled the bloody ordeal - and said she begged the him to stop.

The Tampa Florida jury found Trevor Summers guilty of all 11 charges Friday evening related to the kidnapping, rape and attempted murder of his former wife in 2017 after she sought a divorce.

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